The Boyhood Kodak Moments

Capturing the Journey of Boys Growing Up

Inspired by The Manhood Manual book series, our e-newsletter brings parents and educators a blend of fun stories, challenges, and growth lessons for boys on their path to manhood. Expect a COOL IDEA for engaging learning, a BIG PROBLEM to ponder about growing up, and a LESSON LEARNED to help build remarkable boys.

Childhood memories, both profound and trivial, shape us significantly. Cherishing these memories contributes to a child’s development, especially boys transitioning into manhood. Through photographs, videos, and journals, boys foster self-awareness and resilience while creating a tangible narrative of their growth. In this edition of The Manhood Minute, and through Jeffrey Crandle’s photographic exploits in The Manhood Manual – A Comic Adventure, we highlight the importance of memory preservation and suggest engaging ways for boys to embark on this insightful journey.

The Cool Idea

In The Manhood Manual – A Comic Adventure, Jeffrey Crandle humorously captures memories with his camera, a hobby that gets him into a bit of trouble, but is fundamentally a great idea. Let’s take a leaf from his book with a fun project.

“My First Adventures” Book:  An Exploration into Growth and Discovery

Your young man will have many exciting ‘firsts’ to remember: the first camping trip, first bike ride without training wheels, first time cooking, or catching a fish. Document these special events in a “My First Adventures” book. It’s not just about photos or videos, but about storytelling and appreciating his unique perspective.

To create this keepsake:

  • Prep for the Adventure: Discuss each upcoming ‘first’ with your son, equip him with a simple camera or phone.
  • Capture the Moment: Encourage him to take photos or videos of his adventures.
  • Reflect and Write: Revisit the images, discuss his experiences, feelings, lessons, and help him write a short narrative for each memory.
  • Compile the Adventures: Create the “My First Adventures” book, either physical or digital. Organize the adventures chronologically with images, narratives, and mementos.

This engaging project allows your son to document his journey to manhood actively. The “My First Adventures” book will not only be a memento of his growth but also a celebration of his experiences and learning. Gear up for adventure and happy documenting!


Building on our Cool Idea section about preserving memories, “The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are” by Daniel J. Siegel gives us a scientific backdrop.

Dr. Siegel, a respected neuropsychiatrist, probes the interplay between neurological processes and interpersonal relationships, revealing how they mold our identities. He emphasizes the vital role of childhood memories in our transition into adulthood, shaping our worldview, our relational abilities, and our self-understanding.

A key point in Siegel’s book is “neuroplasticity,” suggesting our brains continually evolve based on experiences and memories. Thus, our earliest memories don’t just shape our childhood perceptions, they also influence our cognitive and emotional development.

Siegel’s work illuminates why it’s crucial to help children create, preserve, and learn from their memories. It highlights the role of parents and caregivers in fostering an environment that aids the formation and expression of memories, supporting healthy psychological growth into adulthood.  Although it is a dense read, it is an important book. 


Siegel, D.J. (2020). The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are. 3rd ed. New York: Guilford Press.

The Lesson Learned

Starting the memory-preserving journey with a visit to a craft store could be an adventure in itself. The joy of hand-picking a unique scrapbook, embellishments, and colorful markers adds a personal touch and makes the process more exciting for your son. The tactile sensation of putting together a physical scrapbook encourages creativity and gives your son something tangible to cherish as he grows older.

However, in our digitally connected era, electronic options like the Day One app offer a convenient and efficient alternative. This all-in-one platform allows your son to combine journaling, photo documenting, and even planning within a single app. Memories stored on Day One can be accessed and revisited at any time, from anywhere.  You also have the ability to print out a paper version of your son’s My First Adventures book when ready.

The choice between a classic scrapbook or a digital app like Day One depends on your son’s preferences and your family’s lifestyle. Regardless of the method chosen, the goal remains the same: to create a cherished keepsake of your son’s childhood memories. This compilation will serve as a narrative of his growth and development, an invaluable testament to his journey towards manhood.

In this journey towards manhood, every moment counts. Through photos and videos, boys can cherish, learn from, and grow with these moments, crafting a unique narrative of their journey, and transforming them into the remarkable young men they are destined to be.

Invest a minute and inspire a lifetime . . . 

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