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The Man in the Mirror

Reflecting on Hidden Growth

Inspired by The Manhood Manual book series, our e-newsletter brings parents and educators a blend of fun stories, challenges, and growth lessons for boys on their path to manhood. Expect a COOL IDEA for engaging learning, a BIG PROBLEM to ponder about growing up, and a LESSON LEARNED to help build remarkable boys.
Have you ever paused to consider the transformative journey from boyhood to manhood and the subtle milestones that mark this path? This month’s Manhood Minute  invites you to join us in a unique exploration of growth and learning. As parents and mentors, how can we best support and guide our young men through the unseen aspects of their development? 

Let’s dive into the Growth Mindset Challenge and discover how the simple, yet profound act of showing up can significantly impact their journey towards becoming remarkable men. Join us as we uncover the joy and fulfillment of nurturing their growth, together.

The Cool Idea

The Growth Mindset Challenge
This month, we invite you and your young man to embark on a Growth Mindset Challenge, a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that abilities and intelligence are not fixed but can expand through effort, learning, and persistence. It’s a journey about embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, and understanding that every attempt is a step toward growth.
How It Works:
  • Monthly Challenges: Together, pick or create a new challenge each month that nudges him slightly out of his comfort zone in areas he’s curious about or keen to improve.
  • Set Goals & Track Progress: Help him set achievable goals for each challenge and maintain a journal to document progress, strategies employed, and the learning that unfolds.  (HINT: For a perfect journal, check out the Official Dude in Progress Field Notes at
  • Reflect & Share: Encourage him to reflect on his growth at the end of each challenge and share his experiences with family or friends. This sharing can magnify the learning and inspire others.
Cool Challenge Examples:
  • Pick up a new hobby or skill that sparks his interest.
  • Tackle a new type of puzzle or problem-solving activity.
  • Cook a meal he’s never prepared before, with your guidance.
  • Start a hands-on DIY project to build or create something.
  • Set a physical goal, like learning a new sport or improving his fitness.
The Reward:
Come up with a small reward each month that works for you and your young man.  But the real prize lies in the journey itself—cultivating resilience, embracing the learning process, and celebrating each step of growth together. Dive into the Growth Mindset Challenge with your young man and explore the joy and fulfillment of learning and growing beyond expectations. Let’s nurture their growth, together!
The Big Problem
Inspired by the book The Power of Showing Up by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., let’s dig deeper into the unseen aspects of growth and the crucial role of parental presence.  “The Power of Showing Up” highlights the critical role of parental presence in child development. It combines stories and research to show how being consistently present and emotionally engaged supports a child’s well-being and growth. This presence ensures children feel valued and secure, keys to building resilience and self-esteem. The book emphasizes that parents are essential in nurturing the unseen aspects of their children’s journey to adulthood.
The Growth Mindset Challenge and the teachings of “The Power of Showing Up” intersect beautifully. As children embark on new challenges, the presence of a supportive figure can amplify their learning and growth. It shows that growth is not just about achieving visible milestones but also about the internal development that happens when children feel supported to take risks and explore.
This month, let’s focus on how the invisible threads of growth are supported by the simple, powerful act of showing up. Whether it’s trying a new activity or tackling a challenge, the presence of someone who cares can make all the difference in the world.

The Lesson Learned

This month, we’ve delved into the nuanced journey of growth that our young men embark on, highlighting not just the challenges they face but also the unseen milestones they achieve. Through initiatives like the Growth Mindset Challenge, it’s become clear that development is as much about the process as it is about the outcome. It’s a path paved with resilience, learning, and adaptability.
A crucial insight for us, as parents and mentors, is the transformative power of our presence. Echoing the principles found in “The Power of Showing Up,” we’ve seen how being actively involved, emotionally supportive, and consistently present can significantly influence our young men’s growth journeys. It’s about acknowledging their efforts, guiding them through difficulties, and celebrating their progress, no matter how small.
As we wrap up another great topic, let’s carry forward the understanding that our involvement, encouragement, and support are invaluable to nurturing the growth of the young men we guide. By committing to be there for them at every step, we’re not just helping them navigate their current challenges but also empowering them to face the future . Here’s to our collective growth, one step, one challenge, and one victory at a time!
Invest a minute and inspire a lifetime . . .

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