Field Guide & Activity Book

Jeffrey Crandle is on a mission to help boys become MEN!

His original go-to guide, The Manhood Manual – A Comic Adventure, got you feeling like the successful MAN you want to be. And now there is more! Pick up the Field Guide & Activity Book, where Jeffrey has loaded up games and challenges designed to test your wits and tap into your full potential as a man-in-the-making!

Jeffrey believes every boy has what it takes to reach manhood, and he’s not about to let them down! Finish all the activities and download a free Diploma of Dudeness – you’ve earned it! Jeffrey is the real-life superhero for boys all over the world.
So boys, if you’re looking to make the leap to manhood . . . don’t worry, Jeffrey’s got your back!

ISBN: 979-8-9879581-0-0