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Drawing Out Communication Skills in Boys

Inspired by The Manhood Manual book series, our e-newsletter brings parents and educators a blend of fun stories, challenges, and growth lessons for boys on their path to manhood. Expect a COOL IDEA for engaging learning, a BIG PROBLEM to ponder about growing up, and a LESSON LEARNED to help build remarkable boys.
Communication is a vital skill for everyone, especially for our young men as they learn to express themselves, listen actively, and build meaningful relationships. This month, we’re focusing on key insights from Supercommunicators by Charles Duhigg, which offers valuable lessons on effective communication.

the cool idea

Create a Comic Strip Together

Ready for a fun adventure? Dive into a creative storytelling activity with your little man using tools from The Manhood Manual website. Visit The Manhood Manual website’s Toolkit for Kids and print out The Manhood Comic Strip or Your Manhood Story. Together, you can create a comic strip or shortstory that explores a day in the life of a superhero communicator.
Tool Kit for Kids
Toolkit for Kids

Imagine the superhero adventures he’ll conjure up! This activity not only sparks creativity but also encourages active listening and collaborative communication. Plus, you’ll both get a kick out of seeing his imagination come to life on paper


Growing up, many boys face the challenge of shyness and social anxiety, which can significantly impact their ability to communicate effectively. To help address this, we turn to Charles Duhigg’s Supercommunicators, a book that offers valuable insights and strategies for overcoming these hurdles. By exploring the principles of active listening, empathy, clarity, and body language, Supercommunicators provides practical tools to help boys develop into confident and effective communicators. Let’s dive into some of these key insights and how they can help your child.
Key Insights from Supercommunicators:
  • Active Listening: Teach boys the power of listening more than speaking. Being a good listener is just as important as being a good talker.
  • Empathy: Encourage them to put themselves in others’ shoes. Understanding different perspectives fosters better communication and stronger relationships.
  • Clarity and Brevity: Help them learn to convey their thoughts clearly and concisely. This reduces misunderstandings and makes their messages more impactful.
  • Body Language: Non-verbal cues are a big part of communication. Teach your boys about maintaining eye contact, appropriate facial expressions, and positive body posture.
Supercommunicators provides some helpful guidance on why communication is a superpower to be learned at an early age.  Be sure to check it out!


To help boys overcome shyness and social anxiety, and improve their communication skills, consider these practical and impactful tips. These strategies are designed not only to ease the challenges boys face but also to nurture their growth into confident communicators. Each tip provides a tangible way to support your child in developing strong communication habits that will benefit them throughout their lives:
  • Role-Playing: Practice different social scenarios with your child. This can help them feel more prepared and less anxious in real-life situations.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Praise their efforts to communicate, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement builds confidence and encourages them to keep trying.
  • Create Safe Spaces: Ensure they have environments where they feel safe to express themselves without fear of judgment or ridicule.
  • Model Good Communication: Demonstrate effective communication in your interactions. Children learn a lot by observing the adults around them.
By integrating these strategies into daily life, you can help your child develop into a confident and effective communicator, ready to face any social situation with poise and assurance. As explained in Supercommunicators, in the end, we learn a simple but powerful lesson: With the right tools, we can connect with anyone.
Stay tuned for next month’s edition of The Manhood Minute where we’ll dive into another exciting theme to aid in your boy’s journey to manhood.  Until next time, happy SUPER communicating!
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